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Blacc & White - Music Video - Ticking Bomb by Aloe Blacc

Blacc & White - Music Video


Ticking Bomb - Aloe Blacc


Director:  Nishant Gogna & Ryan Justice

Producers: Nishant Gogna & Ryan Justice

DOP: Alex Lukovsky



Cowboy -Eugene Alexis

Damsel - Diana Durango

Villian - Michael Wilbur 

Sheriff #1- Michael Newman

Sheriff #2 - Mark Troy

Bartender - Michael Ray Davis 

We produced this Western Music video for Tribeca Film Festval's & competition. We were giving the option of choosing from a list of songs and we chose Aloe Blacc's Ticking Bomb.  


From the very start you're able to choose if your main character will be the Good Guy (White Hat) or The Bad Guy (Black Hat). There are 4 different paths you can take , so make sure to watch them all!! 

villian still 2.png
Ticking bomb Cover photo 1.jpg
shiv still 1.png
sheriffs still 1.png
sean still 1.png
RJ still 2.png
rj still 1.png
newman still 5.png
newman still 2.png
newman still 1.png
MRD still 1.png
MArk troy still 2.png
mark troy still 1.png
katrina still 1.png
ian still 1.png
ian scared 1.png
gogna still 1.png
geno white still 1.png
geno white hat still 2.png
geno diana still 1.png
geno bandit 1 .png
gen store scared.png
facebook-cover-photo FINAL 3.jpg
diana still 1.png
Diana Scared.png
cover photo final.jpg
Bar Still guns.png
bar still 2.png
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