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One Night Stand - Action Film - 33 mins



Director:  Ryan Justice

Producers: Ryan Justice & Clint


Writer : Ryan Justice



Covington - Grant Hockman

Vinnie Valentino- Mark Troy 

Tibbs - Nishant Gogna

Callahan - Nathan Caldwell

Covington's Wife- Shannan Stewart

Tony Marcellini - Sean Collins



Two Cops. One Patriot. One Crime Lord. One Night Stand.

As a ruthless crime ring known as "The Fist" takes over the beloved city of St. Anthony, two of the town's finest police officers, Detective Tibbs and Detective Callahan, unwittingly team up with a former special forces vet, William Covington, to bring down The Fist and its leader, Vinnie Valentino, and free St. Anthony once and for all.

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