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New Projects

We are looking to partner with distribution companies and financiers 
For questions contact 813-843-3475 or

FOLLOWERS is a social media thriller.  ALL International Territories still available. (N/A US,UK,CHINA,Thailand)

Released in US Theaters and Walmarts across the Us in 2018. 


Fairway Film Alliance for Sales info 

Palais (Riveria) Marina Club: H-6 

followers_dvd_pic 1.JPG

A genre bending thriller. JAWS meets the Talented Mr. Ripley. 

Blood inthe Water_AFM Poster
Skunk Ape the Movie

You know him as Bigfoot. We know him as The SKUNK APE

Skunk Ape the Movie

Production 2019

Interested in Pre-sales and Investments.

A female driven Hangover for the social media generation. Built in 15 million social following.

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